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Yannina Torti, also known as Nina is a board-certified licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner. Nina believes that the body has the ability to heal itself and utilizes integrative practices, such as functional nutrition, botanical medicine, and other evidence-based methods that contribute to maximizing your healing potential. This is why Nina has dedicated herself to the practice of eastern medicine and has completed her training in Functional Medicine with the leaders in the field, The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and continues to expand her knowledge of evidence-based medicine. Nina and her colleagues believe that by taking preventative measures and targeting the root cause of an illness, one can live a dis- ease free life. 

Nina has worked with medical institutions and underserved populations to better the lives of those in need.  She has worked at University of California San Diego Health- Women’s Clinic, Family Medicine, Sports Medicine Clinic, and Rady Children’s Hospital - providing eastern medicine therapies to children and adults with degenerative diseases, pain management, mental illness, women’s health and fertility issues. She is a member at the The Institute for Functional Medicine and has worked with underserved populations at the First Presbyterian Church in Downtown San Diego.


In 2018, Nina created Indigo and Ease, an acupuncture and integrative health practice.  Indigo and Ease has allowed Nina to further her positive impact to fellow San Diegans. Currently, her practice resides in La Jolla, San Diego. Nina is invested in providing integrative care to patients in all stages of life. She works closely with other health professionals including, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and others to provide you with a comprehensive solution.


tues  10am - 7pm

wed  10am - 7pm

thu    10am - 7pm

fri      10am - 4pm





Indigo and Ease is located in La Jolla Village on Herschel St. between Silverado St. and Kline St.


7730 Herschel Ave. Ste D, La Jolla, CA 92037



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