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image Oscar Herrera

I came out a different person!! Nina definitely has super powers. Her knowledge of the body and how acupuncture can stimulate it to make it work as it should is impressive. When I started seeing Nina, I was starting to develop digestive problems ca ... Read more

image Miranda Luebkeman

Nina is an absolute dream! I had been looking for a good acupuncturist for a while and was SO happy to have finally found her. She is it. I initially came in for some horrible neck pain that was not going away with conventional treatment. After just ... Read more

image kamela

Nina has taught me so much about nutrition and hormones. It's amazing how much your diet can effect so much going on in your mind and body. My skin is glowing and my energy has increased so much. Acupuncture has really made me feel more connected and ... Read more

image Alexander Navarro

I have been coming to Nina for the past two months to help heal a lower back muscle strain I sustained. The pain was debilitating and I could barely walk, most importantly I could not continue to live an active life. After a few acupuncture and cup ... Read more

image Genevieve Monty

So happy to have this place recommended to me! Nina is very knowledgable about options and treatments. Aside from acupuncture, she helps you with nutrition, wholistic alternatives to medicine and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I always leave t ... Read more

image Brian Trainor

Nina is an exceptional practitioner that has set herself apart, because while she is great at Acupuncture treatments, Cupping therapy and knowledgeable with herbal medicine, she also is trained in functional medicine, and uses this training to uncove ... Read more

image Jacqueline DeFreitas

I have always been deathly afraid of needles, Nina was so patient and sweet with me, and understanding of my fear. We first started off having an extensive first session, I told her all of my problems and we worked through each one individually with ... Read more

image Madison Marchetti

I'm so happy to have found Nina and Indigo & Ease! I have had serious pain in my foot (Morton's Neuroma) for 8 months and been in and out of doctors and specialists who didn't ever diagnose my pain. Nina knew exactly what my diagnosis was after shari ... Read more

image chelsea smithback

I feel so grateful to have met Nina! Indigo and Ease is wonderful! I first found out about her through a glowing recommendation by a few friends of mine. Nina was so welcoming and kind and her treatments were great. I got acupuncture and cupping done ... Read more

image Suzaita Hipolito

I started seeing Nina September of 2018. The one thing I picked up on instantly was how intuitive she was and how she gave her undivided attention, while taking time to get to know me. As a patient, I felt she genuinely connected with me. Her treatme ... Read more