First Visit

In your first visit, we will review your health goals and ailments. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment where we will review your family history, medical history, social history, and nutrition history to identify the root cause of your symptoms. And, through innovative lab testing, we will establish a baseline.

Follow Ups

Follow-ups are designed to establish a health plan according to your specific needs, discuss next steps and establish a relationship to set you up for success. In these follow-ups, we will review initial lab results, provide nutritional support emphasizing the importance of nutrient dense and high quality foods and suggest professional grade supplements based on medical history and test results. Your plan is unique to you to achieve your goals and improve your health.

Fx Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is about finding the best way to eat and live for your individual needs and use foods to maximize your health potential. There is no single right diet, functional nutrition offers the concepts and strategies to approach your individual needs and are personalized to your lifestyle, environment and health concerns. These plans are unlike diets with harsh restrictions and short term gains, they are scientifically proven approaches that benefit over a lifetime. 



Much more than just a consultation, this comprehensive assessment is about you, your story and the series of events that led to your condition. Eastern and Western diagnostic tools will be utilized to asses the root cause of symptoms. An acupuncture treatment will follow.

Follow Ups

Second visit and follow-ups include a personalized health plan, a review of health goals and a clear plan to maximize both time and effectiveness of prescribed sessions. 


Cupping therapy releases deep tissues, relaxes tense muscles and eases stiffness by increasing blood flow and delivering nutrients and oxygen to the area.


tues  10am - 7pm

wed  10am - 7pm

thu    1 pm - 7pm

fri      11am - 4pm





Indigo and Ease is located in La Jolla Village on Herschel St. between Silverado St. and Kline St.


7730 Herschel Ave. Ste D, La Jolla, CA 92037



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