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Functional Medicine

1:1 Consultation

During your initial visit, we will go over any health concerns you have. We will also cover all family history, medical history, social history, and nutrition history. This can help us discover the root cause of your ailments. We may also establish a baseline through innovative lab testing. Your first appointment will last between 75 and 90 minutes.

Conducted:• In-Person• By Phone• Online/Video Call


Jumpstart Your Health – 8 Weeks

Jumpstart programs were created for those looking to focus on one area of their health. This is an 8 week hybrid program where you will receive videos and resources and will also have 1:1 sessions to review tabs and go over your treatment plan. This program is designed to focus on the foundational components of health – stress response, gut optimization and nutrient inefficiencies. Imbalances in this area can disrupt our hormones, digestion, energy, metabolism and other systems in our body. This program will address and remove the obstacles that are preventing you from healing and will jumpstart your health! As the obstacles begin to clear, we can then move on to more complex imbalances.

Conducted:• By Phone• Online/Video Call


Eastern Medicine


Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine where extremely thin needles are inserted into certain pressure points on the body. This helps relieve pain and tension. We offer a comprehensive assessment of you and what led to your symptoms. Eastern and Western diagnostic tools will be utilized to assess the root cause of your symptoms. During your first acupuncture appointment, the first 30 – 45 minutes will be a comprehensive intake, followed by an acupuncture session.

Pricing:$90 – $195(We accept insurance)



Cupping is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that uses cups to create suction to reduce pain and inflammation. It relaxes deep tissues, tense muscles, and eases stiffness by increasing blood flow and delivering nutrients and oxygen to that part of the body.

Pricing:$20 – $65


Lab Work

Diagnostic testing is offered for functional medicine consults. We offer a range of advanced diagnostic testing. These specialty tests use blood, urine, stool, and saliva samples to collect data.

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Acupuncture services are covered by insurance.Make sure you’re covered with our insurance verification.


*Verification must be obtained prior to appointment

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We participate with Cigna and United Health Care. We accept PPOs with acupuncture coverage.

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We also accept payment from Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spend Accounts.

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Use our verification system to make sure your insurance covers our services. Be sure to obtain your verification prior to your appointment.

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